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About Us

Thank you for your interest in Anchored Academy

We were so excited to offer an "academy style" drop off program to our area again for the 2024-2025 school year! We are a Christian group who does require a statement of belief.  Most classes are taught from a Biblical view and will quite often use faith-based curriculum as noted in the class descriptions. 

We will be offering a full day of classes for 1st grade and up from 9:00-2:40. (Click on the classes tab above for details regarding classes being offered, then click on class matrix to see the times and availability of each class.)  Though parents are allowed to stay on site, we ask that parents only visit the classroom on occasion. We have found that having parents present greatly hinders the students' creativity and independence.  We want students to learn to function in a classroom setting, respect their instructor as an authority figure, and relax enough to "be themselves" amongst their peers.  

Class sizes will be limited by each instructor and will be directed towards specific grades only. We believe this will allow the kids to build friendships in their age groups and learn amongst their peers! The leadership team hopes that this will also lessen the burden of each parent by allowing the kids to come to Anchored Academy on Thursdays and still be completing some of the weekly work they would normally be doing at home!

Ultimately, only the classes with instructors and those hitting the minimum number of students will be offered. (Please note that instructors WILL be paid for their contribution, and this can be a great way to help offset the cost of classes!)

We are again offering Mr. D Math, which has been a HUGE success.  Please check out the information tab above to learn more. 

For specific pricing questions, please visit our admissions tab and open tuition and fees.  Additionally, that admissions link will give you all the inforamtion you need to know about our requirements, application, registration, etc.

Look around our site and reach out with any questions you may have by using the Contact Us tab.  If you are ready to be a part of Anchored Academy, you can click on the Apply Now button above.  PLEASE DO NOT request membership if you have not read everything related to class costs and requirements!

Please note that detailed information such as field trips, events, student leadership activities, facebook group, etc. will NOT be visible until your family has been accepted. 

Hiring Now



Anchored Academy is looking to hire teachers for the following positions:

Advanced High school math or personal finance POSITION FILLED

Elementary art (grades 3-6)- POSITION FILLED

Elementary art (grades 1-2)

Elementary science (grades 1-2)- POSITION FILLED

Elementary history (grades 1-2)- POSITION FILLED

Apply to teach 2024-2025

Teacher Application

Important Documents

Parent Agreement 2024-2025.docx
Statement of Faith 2023.docx
Student Conduct 2024-2025.docx


August 8 - Thursday
01:00 PM - 04:00 PM