Mr. D Math

Mr. D Math for Middle and High School

At Anchored Academy we are excited to be bringing back Mr. D Math to our academy for the 2023-2024 school year.  This NCAA accredited curriculum offers online videos, tests, and quizzes that will be enhanced with our live in-class lectures.   In addition, students will have access to math help sessions and tutoring 3 days a week if needed.  Parents can login and access grades, ask questions, or watch videos to see what their student is learning anytime.  

How It Works

When parents register with Anchored Academy, we will provide a steep discount to register for Mr. D Math.[Parent's total cost with Mr. D will be $117.]  Students will attend Anchored Academy each Thursday to be taught in person and assigned work for the rest of the week. Throughout the week students will continue with the assigned work and, if needed, can watch online video instruction or ask for math help if they aren't understanding. (Tutors are available 3 days a week.)  Tests, quizzes, exams, and spiral reviews will all be conducted online. 


Perks of Live Classes

Not only is Mr. D Math thorough, but it is accredited when taught in conjunction with a live tutor. Additionally, your students' online course will "travel with them." This means that if your child enters college and can't remember how to do a specific math problem, they will still have access to all of their coursework videos, practice problems, etc.  They just simply need to login to view all they have completed.  Another great perk is that all tutors have access to a "back office" to see what your children are doing. We can allow multiple attempts if the student needs it; we can show parents how much time kids are spending on their tests; parents can easily print out grades at any time and so much more!