For the 2024-2025 school year classes will be held 30 Thursdays throughout the year. We will have a fall break, Thanksgiving break, spring break, and 4 weeks off at Christmas. (During this time some work will be assigned for the older students.)  On the days we have "off" parents will be encouraged to set up play dates or field trips if they desire. (Remember it's about them making friends and creating memories too!)
REQUIREMENTS: Parents are required to assist one-two days each semester, but the other days they will be allowed to drop off their students. Parents who participate as instructors will reap several benefits. Teaching a class will hold their children's spot for their choice of classes. Additionally, they will be paid per child they teach.  For some families, this will greatly offset the cost of classes.

Parents and students are required to sign a statement of faith, as well as statement of expectations prior to joining Anchored Academy. 
TIERED REGISTRATION: Parents can sign their children up for either full time or single classes, but priority will be given to parents in this tiered order beginning in March each year: 1. Leadership team and parents who are teaching a class  2. Returning parents of high schoolers whose children are registering for the full day 3. Returning parents with kids of all ages whose children are registering for the full day 4. New families with high schoolers who are registering for the whole day. 5. New families with kids of any age who are registering for the whole day. 6. Returning families who are registering for individual classes (3 or fewer per student)   7. New families who are registering for indivudal classes (3 or fewer). 
Class times are currently scheduled for 9:00-2:40 for the 2024-2025 school year.  This year we are excited to announce we will be back at Gateway Church of Christ to enjoy their awesome building!  
APPLICATION: In order to apply for admission into Anchored Academy please be sure you read all details, including what is expected of your children. (This means reading the Student  & Parent Agreement, Statement of Faith, and Gateway Waiver! These are absolutely mandatory, so please don't skip this step!) When you have done that simply fill out the application to join here. Please understand that application to join in no way means acceptance.  Applications are reviewed and screened for multiple things.  We attempt to determine, among other things, if your family would be a good fit for Anchored Academy and/or if there is space to fit your children in the classes chosen. Upon application, you will receive an email noting that we have received your application.  Please expect to have a phone "interview" or an in person interview conducted within 1-2 weeks.  At that time acceptance letters will be sent to those accepted families.   If you apply after our initial open application in March, you can expect our turn around time to be substantially quicker.
Please note spaces fill up quickly, so any family submitting an application prior to open enrollment will be contacted as soon as we open enrollment to new families.  After that time we will continue to review and accept applications, but there will be no guarantee of class spaces still being available.  

COSTS: Non-refundable deposits will be due at the time of registration. Our non-refundable deposits include the registration fee of $100 per family and the book fee charges based on your child(ren)'s grade. On July 1 a deposit of $150 per student will be required and the money goes towards your tuition for the year.  All remaining tuition is due in full at oreintation which is scheduled the week before our program begins. You can see class options on the Classes page.
The payment schedule is as follows:
1. March will begin early open enrollment using our tiered levels as noted above. Once we have reached your tier and you have received membership approval, your $100 family registration fee will be due. You will have 72 hours from acceptance to choose your classes. (Please note that if your desired classes fill up before you make a choice you will potentially miss out on that class.)   Once classes are chosen your book fees per child will be due. These fees are non-refundable, so please consider carefully before joining!   

2. Your child's class deposits are due no later than July 1st.  This is a $30 per class deposit that will be deducted from your overall tuition.  This allows our instructors to purchase supplies over the tax free holidays in July.  

3. Please note that you can pay monthly between May and August for tuition, or you can wait until the Anchored Academy Orientation to pay your tuition balance.  

ORIENTATION:  Orientation is scheduled for the week prior to classes starting. Orientation is mandatory so that we can accept the final payment, confirm classes, and go over the rules of the church and Anchored at that time.