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Tuition & Fee Schedule for 2024-2025


Registration Fee: $100 per family non-refundable

Book Fee Grades 1-2: $100** non-refundable

Book Fee: Grades 3-6: $200** non-refundable

Book Fee: Grades 7-12 $225** non-refundable

~~See notes below for partial day book fees. (For students taking 1-3 classes only. Anyone taking 4-5 class will pay the full book fee.)


Full Day Tuition (5 courses):                                                      Partial Day Tuition (pay per class):                                                               

Grades 1-4: $1375                                                                            Grades 1-4 Single Class: $300

Grades 5-12: $1500                                                                          Grades 5-12 Single Class: $325


***Book fees include all consumables and text books.  Text books must be returned in good condition at the end of the year.  This fee does not cover Mr. D's math. ***

~~All students participating in classes on a part time basis (3 or fewer classes) will pay a minimum book fee of $100 up to the maximum book fee that corresponds with their grade. This will be determined based on the courses chosen. 

ALL tuition and fees are non-refundable unless a class is cancelled by Anchored Academy, Inc.

Due dates are as follows:

Registration fee due upon registering 

Book fees due no later than April 25, 2024

$100 per student deposit due no later than July 1, 2024

All remaining tuition will be due at orienation August 2024 [exact date tbd]




For a complete layout of 2024-2025 classes you can look under "Important Docs"